Bopper's Shag Club April, May, June and July

Birthdays and Anniversary!

Congradulation's to Bopper's Shag Clubs very own, Sammie Benton on winner the 2016 ACSC Shag Icon at SOS Mid-Winter.  We at Bopper's Shag Club are so proud of him.  He has brought a lot to SOS and to our Shag Club.  So, help me to congradulate Sammie Benton on his awesome award.

Bopper's Shag Club

August & September

Birthday & Anniversary

Congrats to Bopper's Shag Club very own, Tommy Beachem.  He is long over due for this award.  Congrats Tommy Beachem you made Bopper's Shag Club proud.

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October & November


Welcome to Bopper's Shag Club

Join us the first Friday of every month

at the Mecklenberg Shrine Club.

* Food

* Free Shag Lesson from Tommy & Kim Beacham

* Music with fun beach DJ