Welcome to Bopper's Shag Club

May & October Nascar Race


SOS is a place that you will find Bopper's Shag Club at North Myrtle Beach, SC for all Three SOS.  We are at SOS for Mid-Winter, Spring Safri, and Fall Margiration.  In the spring, and fall Bopper's Shag Club holds an event called The Presdient's Party which you can find details in the Carefree Times and on our Facebook Group, and website. 

SOS (North Myrtle Beach, SC


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We at Bopper's Shag Club, volunteer our time to dedicate our smiling faces to greeting the fans of Nascar.  We raise money for the club, we have fun.  Meet interesting people and socialize at the same time.  Come out and join us in May, and October at the Speedway.

Always in MARCH

Our mission is to celebrate and perpetuate the shag dance and the "beach music" we dance to. The shag dance is the official state dance of both North and South Carolina. We have our regular monthly meeting on the first Friday of every month at the Mechlenberg Shrine Club Charlotte, NC. See you there!